Sandwiches, wraps and rolls!

Mama Bear’s Lunchbox provides delicious, nutritious and filling lunchbox goodies. Our food is made fresh with local ingredients and delivered to Rolleston schools!

Home Baking

Mama Bear’s home-baking will nourish hungry bellies, giving kids the energy, they need to reach their fullest potential!

Made with love!

Traditional lunchboxes are now available to all Selwyn schools! Mama Bear’s Lunchbox has a goal to keep children healthy and ready to learn. Food plays a huge part in getting our children’s brains working!

We will provide a daily lunchbox with fruit, sandwiches, home-baking and a variety of snacks to help our children reach their potential in the classroom.

We know that parents, teachers and adults need nutritious food too! Mama Bear’s Lunchboxes are very filling and yummy for adult tummies too!

Teachers, your lunchbox will be dropped off to your work place, you are busy enough, you deserve a healthy lunchbox too!

Parents, grab your lunchboxes, to-go, at school drop-off. This way, you can nourish yourself as well as your kids!

We Deliver

We currently deliver to Rolleston Christian School, Lemonwood Grove, Clearview Primary, Rolleston Primary, Busy Bumbles, Waitaha School, Active Explorers, and Selwyn Kids!

Eco Friendly

All our packaging is eco-friendly, compostable/recyclable. Mama Bear supports the ‘100% Pure New Zealand campaign’. Looking after the environment is very important so we have sourced eco-friendly packaging for all lunchboxes.

Always Fresh

Mama Bear’s Lunchbox sources the freshest produce from local suppliers! Check out our spotlights page which includes all our suppliers such as, Healthy Harvest! We also always use free range eggs!

We can cater your event!

Mama Bear can also cater your meetings, gatherings, birthdays and events. Have a break from the mini sausage rolls and give your health a boost with nutritious sandwiches, rolls and home-baking!

To discuss catering an event please contact Tracey via email: or fill in your contact details at the bottom of this page, we look forward to hearing from you!

Currently Mama Bear supplies lunches via:


Rolleston Christian School

Busy Bumbles

Lemonwood Grove School/Waitaha School

Clearview Primary School

Rolleston Primary School

Active Explorers

Selwyn Kids

What time does Mama Bear deliver to each location?

7:30 – 8:00am – Drop off to Busy Bumbles HQ (Lunches are then distributed to venues)
8:30 – 9:00am – Rolleston Christian School (Delivered to class groups)
9:00 – 10:00am – Clearview Primary School (Delivered to Homebases)
10:00 – 11:00am – Rolleston Primary School Canteen pickups – Starting 3rd December

Choose from these great combos, and add optional extras!

Each combo comes with 2 pieces of fruit, homemade baking and a bag of snacks which will consist of either pretzels, popcorn, rice crackers or shapes crackers.

We offer several different optional extras to add to your lunchbox including sandwiches, filled rolls, snacks, fruit, salads and more!

Choose your combo, if your little ones have extra rumbly tums, add on extras to fill them up!

Make sure to get your orders in before orders close at 10pm Mon-Fri.

We will do our best to notify you if your orders have not been placed on time but ask you to have all orders in before 10pm. we are not responsible for orders placed after 10pm.

About Mama Bear

Hi, I am Tracey and have the nickname Mama Bear! I have a passion of caring for children and keeping our cubs healthy! I am excited for this new venture to provide affordable and nutrient rich lunchboxes to all Selwyn schools.


– Tracey Motufoua

Contact Us

All catering orders are placed via Facebook at Mumma Bear’s Lunchbox. if you have questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment by filling out the box below! – please don’t use this feedback box to place orders, Thanks!

If your child attends a school that isn’t covered by Mama Bear’s Lunchbox, please, let us know here. We are currently supplying lunches to Rolleston Christian School, Lemonwood Grove, Waitaha School, Busy Bumbles, Clearview Primary, Rolleston Primary School, Active Explorers, and Selwyn Kids.